It is perfectly normal to have doubts about becoming a parent when you were not planning on it at this point in your life. Even if you were not planning on becoming a parent at this point, it does not mean that you are not capable of providing a loving home. At the Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford, we can answer questions as you determine if parenting is the right choice for you.

Understanding parenting

Many are intimidated by parenting because they are not sure what to expect. How can they know if they are ready of they don’t know what to be ready for? To start to paint a picture of what parenting might look like for you, you can consider these prompts.

  • How can you coordinate your education or career with being a┬áparent?
  • How will the father be involved in parenting?
  • What resources are available in your community to support you?
  • What support systems in your life will be there for you as raise a child?
  • How do you plan to financially support yourself and the child?

These are just a starting point so you can start to get an idea of what parenting might look like for you. Our staff is here to help you process every aspect to give you a clear picture of your right path.

Parenting Resources at The Pregnancy Care Center

At the Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford, we want you to enter parenting confidently. We offer resources to expectant and new parents so they have everything they need to be successful.

Educational Classes

Our educational classes are designed to empower new or expectant parents through information. Parenting can be daunting, so our classes are made to give you confidence and build the skills necessary to be a successful parent.


Our mentors are here to provide support and guidance as you embark on your new journey. Many of our mentors have been in your position and can provide emotional and spiritual support from an empathetic place.

If you are unexpectedly pregnant and considering parenting, we can help. Learn more about parenting and the resources we offer. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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