1 in 3 women in America has experienced at least one abortion. Because of the shame often associated with abortion, many people feel as if they need to process through all of their emotions alone. You do not need to suffer alone. We hope to provide a space in which you can speak about your experiences and begin to heal.

One-on-one Post-abortion care

Our post-abortion care is designed to help hurting women find the path to healing, with support every step of the way. Post-abortion healing can be very specific to you. You might not be ready to speak about your experience in front of others, but our mentors know exactly what you’re going through. They each have their own story, and they are there to listen to yours and provide whatever support they can to help you heal.

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Are you looking for a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental place where you can express your emotions and find healing and restoration? If you’d like to go through this free and confidential program, call 815.997.1200 to schedule an appointment.

Grow through what
you go through.