What is Positive choices?

Positive Choices is a sexual risk avoidance program that uses a holistic approach to teach and empower students to live a life of sexual integrity and to make healthy choices based upon life sustaining values. Sexual risk avoidance education addresses the risks of teen sexual activity using the same effective public health approach most often followed in addressing other youth risks such as tobacco, alcohol, and drug use. 

The goal of positive choices is to invite students to see life change as they turn away from risky behaviors and say “yes”  to healthy relationships, emotional and sexual health, and their future goals. 

Students who understand and handle their emotions in healthy ways will have stronger decision making skills. This program teaches students how positive choices lead them to the person they want to become. 

Who do we serve?

Middle and High School Students 

  • Students are selected by their school counselors to participate in a Positive Choices support group. Groups meet weekly throughout the school year and are facilitated by fully trained leaders that work to build relationships with the students and create a safe place to share, learn, and grow. Topics like self-respect, peer pressure, handling stress and emotions, avoiding risks, and choosing sexual integrity are covered. 

Health Classes 

  • Our health-based program exposes the myth of “safe” sex and the consequences of teen sex, which includes more than pregnancy. Possible topics include: basing decisions on values over hormones, STIs, pornography, building blocks of a healthy relationship, the biochemistry of sex, and more. 

Youth Groups

  • A program can be tailor made to address the topics most needed for each group. All sessions will challenge students to understand the why behind sexual integrity and why saved sex is best. 


  • One-time or multiple sessions will give parents tools to start an ongoing dialogue with their children about sex, relationships, and the culture we live in. Parents will be made aware of the effects technology is having on the mental, emotional, and sexual health of their children. 

wHAT DOES is cost?

Since Positive Choices began in 2012 it has been offered at no cost to schools, churches, and parents due to the generous donors of The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Who Can I Contact to Book a Presentation or Program?

Feel free to contact our Positive Choices Coordinator:

Lora Negrete


(815) 680-5103

Grow through what
you go through.