What is Positive choices?

Positive Choices is a sexual risk avoidance program that empowers students to make healthy lifestyle choices by exploring the research-based consequences of premarital sex and the benefits of sexual risk avoidance (abstinence).

Positive Choices is a collaborative work to the core and seeks to build relationships with others who have chosen to invest their energies into the lives of students. In light of this, we work to customize Positive Choices to meet the needs of the students and venue in which a program is presented. Collaboration with local teachers, counselors, administrators, nurses, and pastors are critical in designing a program that will best meet the goals such leaders have in mind for a presentation/event.

What is sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRA)?

Sexual risk avoidance education addresses teen sexual activity from a holistic standpoint, recognizing that possible consequences far exceed pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, SRA provides teens with multi-faceted information and skills that will help them avoid all the risks associated with teen sex. It mirrors the effective public health approach most often followed in addressing other youth risks, such as tobacco, alcohol and drug use.

(Reference from “Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) Education: Considerations for ProtectingTeen Health; Part 2; A Report by the National Abstinence Education Association June 2012)

What sets this program apart?

  • Positive Choices places a high value on creating a positive, upbeat interaction with students. Student input, questions, and stories are respected and acknowledged. PC speakers encourage a student-friendly atmosphere based on mutual respect.
  • Students thrive when relevant information focused on their everyday choices is offered in a candid, upfront, nonjudgmental way.
  • Our program is based on well-researched data and statistics that moves students beyond personal opinion into exploring the real-life consequences of casual sex and the benefits of teen abstinence.
  • Students frequently comment on the unique demonstrations that define the program. These interactive demos help the information to “stick” in student’s minds.
  • Students often key into the “voice of their generation” when student stories and experiences are shared. Such stories often highlight the disillusionment and regret many teens experience following casual sex which is often contrary to the messages students are hearing in our sexually saturated culture.

What services do you provide?

  • Classroom health presentations (middle and high school)
  • Student clubs
  • Student Support Services
  • Student Assemblies
  • Youth Groups
  • Student Retreats
  • Mother/Daughter Events
  • College Campus Forums
  • Parent Informational Meetings/Workshops
  • Teacher In-Services
  • Community Seminars
  • Positive Choice Preview (30 min. info session for administrators, educators, guidance counselors, pastors and other leaders)

What schools does Positive Choices currently serve on a weekly or regular basis?

Our Positive Choices program is currently in Rockford, Harlem, Belvidere, Roscoe, and Rockton Public Schools.

What is the cost of a Positive Choice presentation?

Positive Choices is sponsored by The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford. The generous donors of the organization subsidize the cost of the program so that we are able to offer the program FREE of charge to our local schools, churches, colleges, youth programs, and parent groups.

Who can I contact with a question or book a program?

Feel free to contact the Director of Education, Nikki Tibbetts at (815) 680-5103 or nikki@thepregnancycarecenter.org. You can download the Positive Choices Volunteer Application here.

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