If you think you might be unexpectedly pregnant, the anticipation of not knowing can make the experience much more anxiety-inducing. You deserve to know for sure. This is why we offer free and confidential pregnancy testing at our center. 

Lab-quality pregnancy testing

Pregnancy tests work by detecting the hCG hormone (the hormone associated with pregnancy) in urine samples. If the test detects the hCG, it displays a positive result. 

Why should I be tested in-clinic if I can take a home pregnancy test? 

Home pregnancy testing has improved over the years, but several factors can affect the accuracy of your test. 

The timing of your test can result in a false-negative result. Because urine pregnancy tests show a positive result when hCG is detected, taking a test too early does not allow for your hCG levels to be detectable. When you are testing in the clinic, your nurse can advise if it is too early to get an accurate result. 

The other factor that affects the accuracy of your test is user error. If a test is administered incorrectly, it can decrease the accuracy of the test. Either nurses or trained mentors administer the pregnancy tests, so you can trust your test is being administered correctly.

My test is positive. What is next? 

After a positive pregnancy test, our next step is to confirm the pregnancy with an ultrasound. Just like pregnancy testing, we offer free and confidential ultrasounds. Not only does an ultrasound confirm a pregnancy, but it can give you valuable insights to guide your pregnancy decision. 

If you are unexpectedly pregnant, we offer free and confidential pregnancy testing. You deserve to have testing you can trust. We are here to support you and walk with you through your unplanned pregnancy. Make an appointment today! 


*The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford does not refer for or perform abortions.

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