The Pregnancy Care Center offers Nurse led educational classes on everything from prenatal care and childbirth to breastfeeding and newborn care. Our goal is to set you up for success in your pregnancy and in parenthood through our educational classes.

Earn While you learn

By attending classes, participants earn resources from our fully stocked baby boutique. Through attending our classes and mentoring sessions, you can earn supplies to prepare you for parenthood. We want you to feel like you have everything you need to be a successful parent. That is why we offer education and supplies to address the major needs of expectant parents.

Available Classes

Preparing for childbirth class

In this single-session class, one of our nurses teaches:

  • During last weeks of pregnancy
  • When going to the hospital
  • During delivery
  • Navigating pain during labor



New babies bring new joy as well as new challenges, requiring learning a few survival skills. In this single session, we’ll discuss:

  • Coming home from the hospital
  • Adapting to a new routine
  • Bonding with your baby
  • Troubleshooting a fussy baby
  • Safety tips that save the day
  • Keeping your head above water


In this single session class, understand the differences between formula and breast milk, explore the benefits of breastfeeding and learn best practices of nursing effectively.

Ages & stages Classes


Establishing healthy sleep routines

Learn tips to help your child form healthy sleep routines.

THe abc’s & 123’s of infant & toddler nutrition

Learn when to introduce solid food and how to make sure your baby has a well rounded diet from a nutritionist.

Infant Wellness and Milestones

Learn from a Family Medicine Doctor how to recognize signs of sickness, track both physical and behavioral development, and what to expect at doctor’s appointments.

Supporting Fine Motor Development and Infant Milestones

Learn easy sensory development tips and ways to interact with your baby from an occupational therapist.

Communication and Feeding: Supporting Developmental Milestones

This class, taught by a Pediatric Speech & Language Pathologist, will give you information on how to best support your baby’s speech development at each stage during the first year. You will also learn how to support your baby’s ability to swallow liquids and solids as they grow.

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