Laura Sage

Director of Education

Laura Sage is our Director of Education. She comes with a huge heart for our next generation and previous experience with Positive Choices and junior high and high school students in particular!

Laura was born in Lombard, IL but has lived in Rockford most of her life. She graduated from Christian Life High School and received her Associates Degree at Rock Valley College. She has great administrative and leadership experience from past jobs that will help her to be a great asset to the team at the PCC.

The moment she graduated high school, she became involved with the youth program at her church. During the first year she realized she had a passion for youth. She had a deep desire to help them discover their worth and purpose. She is going on her seventh year of being a youth leader and she loves it. She finds it very fulfilling.

Two years ago, she volunteered at The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford through Positive Choices. It was a year that she would never forget. Her heart broke for the stories she heard, and it seems now more than ever that the timing of this position could not be more perfect!

In her spare time, Laura loves to spend her time with family and friends. She enjoys watching movies, drinking coffee (probably more than she should), and the outdoors.

Grow through what
you go through.