My partner is pressuring me to have an abortion but I’m not sure

It’s never ok for someone to force or pressure you into any decision, especially as you face lots of emotions and decisions. You deserve to feel seen and heard as you navigate an unplanned pregnancy.

If your partner is pressuring you to have an abortion but you are not sure, remember that you have the final say. Our compassionate team at The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford is here to listen and offer the support you need.

Give Yourself Time to Process

If you’re feeling pressure from your partner or maybe someone else around you, find space to process your pregnancy and your emotions on your own for a moment. 

It’s okay to feel sad, confused, and overwhelmed. These emotions are valid, and it’s important not to shove them down but to process them as they come in waves. 

Do You Feel Safe?

If you are concerned with your safety, you are not obligated to walk this process with him. Contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline right away if you feel unsafe, and a representative will help you with resources that will help you find safety. 

Talk to Someone You Trust

Once you’ve caught your footing and feel connected to your own emotions and situation, invite someone else in. Talk to a friend, mentor, or family member you trust about your unique situation, doubts, questions, and how you’re feeling.

Get Pregnancy Services

It’s important to confirm your pregnancy details to be sure of what options you’re eligible for. At our Center, we always suggest confirming the positive result with an ultrasound after a positive pregnancy test. 

Not only does an ultrasound allow you to be sure that you are pregnant, but it can provide you with crucial information to guide your decision-making process. 

Schedule a free appointment to talk through all your options and find the peace of mind that you need. You are not alone.

*We do not refer for or perform abortions.

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