Abortion is a permanent, life-changing decision that terminates a viable pregnancy. If you’re considering this option, there are three things you’ll want to do beforehand to protect your health: 

  • Get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Review your medical history
  • Receive an ultrasound

These three steps can usually happen during one appointment. Read on to learn more about each step and how it protects your health.

1. STI Testing & Treatment

Make sure to get tested for STIs before pursuing an abortion, even if you don’t have any symptoms. Chlamydia, for example, can be difficult to detect because it has few or no signs or symptoms in the early stages of the infection.

Undergoing an abortion with an untreated STI can put you at a greater risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), a serious infection that can cause pain and long-term consequences.

2. Review Your Medical History

Certain factors can rule out medical abortion as an option, according to Mayo Clinic. If the following situations apply to you, abortion isn’t recommended due to safety concerns:

  • If your pregnancy is too far along
  • If you have an intrauterine device (IUD) in place
  • If you’re experiencing an ectopic pregnancy
  • If you have certain medical conditions

This list doesn’t describe every possible safety concern, so it’s vital to speak with a medical professional to review your personal history and situation.

Along with these three steps, it’s also essential to learn more about the side effects and risks.

3. Receive an Ultrasound Scan

If you missed your menstrual period or got a positive result on a pregnancy test, you’ll want to receive an ultrasound scan. This is an important first step because it confirms the age of the pregnancy and that it’s growing in the correct location. 

If you’re thinking about abortion, it’s crucial to know how far along you are because it determines what type of abortion you can receive according to certain laws and health requirements. And screening for the pregnancy’s location can identify ectopic pregnancy, which can be potentially life-threatening. 

We Can Help 

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The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford does not refer for or perform abortions.

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