Welcome to Phase 1 Training!

Welcome to the Phase 1 Training Process!  We are so excited about your interest in serving as a volunteer at the Pregnancy Care Center. One of the goals of this process is discovery. We hope that you will discover more about who we are and what we do at The PCC and what it might look like for you to be a part of our volunteer team.

We encourage you to move through the material at your own pace. Within this process, we have included opportunities for you to engage with various staff members to discuss what you are learning during the training segments. We see these “staff chats” as opportunities for us to get to know each other better, answer your questions and explore the values we embrace at The Pregnancy Care Center. Please continue to move ahead with the training material as you wait for scheduled “staff chats.” Your staff chats will also give you a chance to see our Centers when services are in motion.

Before you begin each segment, we would encourage you to read through the PDF that corresponds to that segment. Reading the questions ahead of time can be helpful. If you find any of the segments difficult to access on the portal, please contact me.

We are looking forward to getting to know you better in the weeks ahead!

Vicky Steege


Segment 1: The Pregnancy Care Center Mission

Review .pdf “Snapshot of Center Services” Snapshot of PCC Services

Explore www.thepregnancycarecenter.org


Segment 3: The Relevance of the Gospel in a Broken World

Complete .pdf  “The Relevance of the Gospel in a Broken World” The Relevance of the Gospel reflection questions


Segment 4: The Pregnancy Care Center Client in Crisis

Honest Answers (17:31)

Complete .pdf  “Honest Answers” Honest Answers

Review .pdf “The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford 2020 Client Analysis


Segment 5: The Facts About Abortion

The Facts About Abortion (19:36)

View www.operationrescue.org/about-abortion/abortions-in-america/

Read and complete .pdf “What about abortion?” What About Abortion DVD

Read “Before You Decide” magazine available in your Training Folder


Segment 6: A Passion for Restoration: Post Abortion Care

006 A Passion for Restoration Post Abortion Care Go to www.abortionchangesyou.com and follow instruction on .pdf 006 A Passion for Restoration Post Abortion Care

View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmfDTRwhuZ4 (Approx. 22 min. – thru the leader’s testimony)

Go to www.menandabortion.info   Click on “Impact of Abortion on Men” on left hand panel and read


Segment 8: Dads Matter

Visit “The National Center for Fathering” at www.fathers.com

Complete the PDF for Dads Matter


Segment 9: The Myth of Safe Sex

Sex is Not a Game (11:10)

The Rules Have Changed – Teen (23:39)

Complete .pdf “The Myth of Safe Sex” Myth of Safe Sex


Segment 10: How Partnership Empowers Mission

View and complete “What’s Next” .pdf Whats Next?. Please bring this completed form with you when you have your meeting with Vicky, our Center Director.

Please be sure to read thru all the ministry docs signing those that you will be turning in at your meeting. We also would ask that you bring your training folder along. At that time of your Staff Chat Vicky will discuss your interest in volunteering at the Pregnancy Care Center and what your next steps may look like for you.


Grow through what
you go through.