Trey Brown

Director of Male Education

Trey is our only male staff member. He is part of our Positive Choices team, where he goes into the schools and mentors male students to win in life, love, and relationships.

Trey has 18 years of education experience as a teacher, administrator, and researcher. He is an author and has a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. He is looking forward to using his gifts to glorify God and we are thankful to have him as part of our team!

Trey will also be pushing into the area of male mentoring in the center with new dads as we know our community has a great need for this! We want to empower new dads to feel capable of being good fathers as well as create a space for them to express some of their own fears and anxieties!

Trey is an avid sports fan that cheers for the Bears, Cubs, Wisconsin Badgers, and in Alabama it’s War Eagle (Auburn University)! When the weather is right he loves a round of golf, but more recently he is enjoying spending his free time at The Rock River House of Prayer Ministries.

Grow through what
you go through.